Saturday, April 17, 2010

Review Questions for Saturday April 17, 2010

Radiotherapy examination content specifications can be found on the ARRT site.

Topic: Interactions

1. Another name for breaking radiation that is produced when an accelerated electron is deflected by an atomic nucleus producing a photon is called: ?

A. Bremsstrahlung radiation
B. Photoelectric radiation
C. Compton radiation
D. Characteristic radiation

Topic: Delivery

2. The half life of Cs137 is approximately ________ ?

A. 20 years
B. 25 years
C. 30 years
D. 35 years

Topic: Patient Care

3. When transferring a patient from a stretcher to the radiation therapy treatment couch, the radiation therapist should provide: ?

A. assistance, if asked
B. assistance at all times
C. verbal assistance
D. assistance, as needed

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