Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review Questions for Thursday April 8, 2010

Radiotherapy examination content specifications can be found on the ARRT site.

Topic: Treatment Accessories

1. A MV photons cerrobend block measures 7.5 cm in height. What thickness of pure lead is this cerrobend block equivalent to?

A. 5.0 cm
B. 5.5 cm
C. 6.0 cm
D. 6.5 cm

Topic: Treatment Planning

2. The most common position a patient is placed in for radiotherapy is?

A. Head first supine
B. Feet first supine
C. Head first prone
D. Feet first prone

Topic: Treatment Delivery

3. In a linear accelerator, the most significant device interacting with an electron beam to create uniform fluence is called the?

A. Bending magnet
B. Transmission target
C. Rotating anode
D. Scattering foil

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