Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review Questions for Wednesday April 7, 2010

Radiotherapy examination content specifications can be found on the ARRT site.

Topic: Treatment

1. A typical radiotherapy prescription induces the following items EXCEPT:

A. The photon or electron energy
B. The dose in cGy or Gy
C. Monitor units
D. Number of fractions

Topic: Anatomy - Pelvis

2. Seminal vesicles are found in which anatomy?

A. Adult female pelvis anatomy
B. Adult male pelvis anatomy
C. Child female pelvis anatomy
D. Child male abdominal anatomy

Topic: Dose Calculation

3. At what depth does the maximum dose (Dmax) for an enface photon beam of 6X photons appear?

A. 1.2 cm
B. 1.5 cm
C. 2.5 cm
D. 3.3 cm

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