Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review Questions for Sunday April 11, 2010

Radiotherapy examination content specifications can be found on the ARRT site.

Topic: Treatment

1. The intent of a course of radiation therapy is to alleviate pain. The intent may be termed:? :

A. Curative therapy
B. Palliative therapy
C. Definitive therapy
D. Preventive therapy

Topic: Anatomy – Spine

2. How many vertebras are present in the normal lumbar spine?

A. 5 vertebrae
B. 7 vertebrae
C. 9 vertebrae
D. 12 vertebra

Topic: Treatment Planning

3. What is the equivalent square (EqSq) of a rectangular field measuring 9cm by 20cm?

A. 6.21 cm
B. 12.41 cm
C. 13.20 cm
D. 14.41 cm

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